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Performing at Dallas Comedy House

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Photo courtesy of the Dallas Observer

This Saturday (5/2) at 4:30, my improv troupe will be performing at the new, bigger, better Dallas Comedy House. It’s always a fun time getting to play with these talented folks. If you happen to be in Dallas on Saturday with nothing important to do or with time to kill, come check out the show!
Tickets are available here: dchtheatre.ticketleap.com

I Joined a New Cult

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Back in August, of last year, I signed up for improv classes at the Dallas Comedy House. This was by no means because I thought I was (or am) funny, but rather, it was a radical attempt to overcome my fear of public speaking and take a big step out of my comfort zone. These past seven months of improv have proven to be some of the most influential of my life. And not just because it’s improved my nervous way of communication, but it’s also helped me as a designer—I could probably write an entire book about the parallels between design and improv.

Anyways, I was recently selected for the Student Lotto show, which means I will be performing alongside some incredibly talented professional improvisers at the Dallas Comedy House every Friday in March and April at 7:30. If you happen to be in the Dallas area looking for a sensible chuckle, stop by!

“What has your cult done for you lately?” –Tina Fey

Monster Project 2014

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I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in The Monster Project again this year. The Monster Project was started by designer, fellow UNT alum, and all around cool person: Katie Johnson. The goal of the project is pure and simple: “Help children recognize the power of their own imaginations and encourage them to pursue their creative potential.”

Elementary students in the Austin and Dallas area were asked to submit their monster doodles. These doodles were then distributed amongst a group of passionate and skilled creatives (over 100 this year!) to reinterpret. The results as usual were great and diverse.

I took the opportunity this year to take a step out of my comfort zone and wander aimlessly into the world of 3D. The process was challenging, to say the least. Most of my time was spent starting over trying to figure out how I broke my model. I’m happy the monster turned out alright in the end—and that I didn’t loose my mind in the process.

I think she looks pretty happy with it!

Check out the rest of the awesome monsters at gomonsterproject.com

New and (Hopefully) Improved

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Hello friends! Finally got around to making a more grown-up site to show my work.

Ok, so it’s nothing too fancy. Clean, simple and it works better than my past site(s). Where I’m hoping to really improve is in the content. I’m hoping for this site to become a place for me to dump not just my finished, polished projects, but also my process, experiments, and even missteps. Yay! Transparency!

I’m planning to update content fairly frequently, so be sure to come back around every now and then to check out what I’m playing around with.