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My name is Jake Longoria. I’m a designer living in New York and making cool things with Dark Igloo. Previously I’ve had the opportunity to work with the talented folks at Tractorbeam in Dallas and Zago in New York. Before that I completed the Communication Design Program at the University of North Texas.
I’m available for interesting freelance projects, collaborations or friendships. You can reach me at hello@jakelongoria.com.
You can also occasionally find me posting stuff at these places:
Working Not Working, Instagram, Behance, Vimeo & Giphy.


Moved to New York!

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After 24 years of living in Texas, I made a rather impulsive decision to move to New York City with not much more than ambition and a positive attitude, all in the...

Performing at Dallas Comedy House

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Photo courtesy of the Dallas Observer This Saturday (5/2) at 4:30, my improv troupe will be performing at the new, bigger, better Dallas Comedy House. It's always a fun time getting to...

I Joined a New Cult

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Back in August, of last year, I signed up for improv classes at the Dallas Comedy House. This was by no means because I thought I was (or am) funny,...

Monster Project 2014

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I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in The Monster Project again this year. The Monster Project was started by designer, fellow UNT alum, and all around cool person: Katie...

New and (Hopefully) Improved

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Hello friends! Finally got around to making a more grown-up site to show my work. Ok, so it's nothing too fancy. Clean, simple and it works better than my past site(s)....