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Stick Around

What can you do with GIPHY Stickers? Find out, right after this!

Dark Igloo developed and directed this video to promote the various applications of the exstensive GIPHY Stickers library. The end result is a rapid-fire, nostalgia-fueled love letter to channel surfing and commercials that were better than the feature presentation.

Completed at Dark Igloo
New York, NY

Written & Directed by: Dark Igloo
Creative Team: Brooke Bamford & Jake Longoria

Produced by Caroline Conrad
Prod Coordinator: Ben Keeshin

DP: Sharif El-Neklawy
1st AD: Etan Harwane-Gidansky
1st AC: Jeremy Mushers
Set Sound: Sal Berra

Production Designer: Rob Ebeltoft
Art Director: Sam Green
Stylist: May Redding
Assistant Stylist: Brooke Bamford
HMU Artist: Nicolle Elle

Full Credits on Vimeo

High-stakes cooking competitions, dance numbers, a happy little art studio & more. Take a look behind the scenes!

BTS Photography: Chris Cubellis

Dance Video: Dark Igloo

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